Stigma Rotary - Jet Machine Copper

Stigma Rotary - Jet Machine Copper

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Stigma Rotary - Jet Machine Copper

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Stigma Rotary - Jet Machine Copper

The Jet is a hybrid machine accommodating both standard needles and Stigma cartridges.
The Stigma cartridge system is unique and completely different to any other cartridge system on the market.
Please note that a wide range of brand new Stigma cartridges with over 70 configurations will be available soon!

The Jet is an all-purpose machine with a fixed 4.5 Watt Swiss motor and 3.5mm stroke.
The Jet is solid hitting with no give or adjustment.

This machine is for artists who like a fixed solid hit and simplicity!

For reference, the Jet machine is also pictured here with the Stigma Aluminium Click Grip in black / red. Additionally, it is also pictured with a standard needle and tube, to show how it can work with both, being hybrid.

For a longer stroke and more power, check out the Jet Power.

Key Features

  •     Works with standard needles and Stigmas new Advanced, dual sealed Cartridge System
  •     4.5 Watt Swiss Motor and 3.5mm stroke
  •     Solid hit
  •     Easy set up
  •     Weight: 78 grams