Big V Evolution Handled - Color & Shader

Big V Evolution Handled - Color & Shader

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Big V Evolution Handled - Color & Shader

Brands Sunskin

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Evolution version, available in four different finishes. Settable per line or filling and shades. His performance is outstanding in both versions.
This version, unlike the classical that can be equipped with coils 10 wraps for lines and 12 wraps per color and shades, may be required with coils 14 wraps, which together with the specific setting, will facilitate the work with large needles model magnum.

- One piece frame brass
- Copper coils on the reel Bakelite
- Plugs copper
- Contact screw silver
- Calibrated springs in carbon steel
- New system of clamping tube
- New mounting plate rear spring
- New piece of the back contact for clamping clip cord, for a better electrical contact.