Tattoo Beauty Box (New Tattoo Cream)

Tattoo Beauty Box (New Tattoo Cream)

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Tattoo Beauty Box (New Tattoo Cream)

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Tattoo care cream

Why choose TATTOO CREAM®?
Because with this formula we guarantee a suitable skin hydration and an excellent anti-reddening, anti-reddening and antimacrobiotic action thanks to its components of vegetable origin and thanks to panthenol which facilitates healing of the skin.

Characteristics of the active ingredient of panthenol:
Properties: D-Panthenol as a skin vitamin, stimulates the formation of epithelial tissue and intensifies its elasticity. Panthenol is an efficient bactericide, which is documented by clinical tests.
Furthermore, to enrich the formulation of TATTOO CREAM®, Calendula, Propolis, Bisabol, virgin bee wax, Vitamin A and Vitamin E were added.

TATTOO CREAM® is the first dermatologically tested cream from the University of Naples "Federico II", faculty of pharmacy, department of pharmaceutical and toxicological chemistry, OCCLUSIVE PATCH TEST - 18003.