Bio Grip Alpha Small by Ego - Purple

Bio Grip Alpha Small by Ego - Purple

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Bio Grip Alpha Small by Ego - Purple

Brands Ego

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The Alpha Bio grip is sold in pairs and is an autoclavable grip ergonomically designed to give maximum comfort and give an experience similar to using a pen while tattooing. Its shape allows tattooed with comfort without the need to use grip strength and balance wrist strain. The tongue of the elongated grip will prevent the formation of calluses on hands giving maximum comfort.
Made of medical grade silicone come without problems of grip from 15 to 19mm in diameter.
Bio Alpha Grip is a product for tattoo designed by Ego and so it will be best used on rotary machines Ego.
This new model of Bio Grip has a new design and bulges in the previous measure 30mm outside diameter.

Packaging 2pcs: Purple