Premium Travel Light - LVX - Murran Billi

Premium Travel Light - LVX - Murran Billi

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Premium Travel Light - LVX - Murran Billi

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The Premium Travel Light is a led lamp travel designed and produced by well-known artist of the tattoo Murran Billi.
The materials used are top quality and the production is 100% Made in Italiy. And 'a must-have accessory for the artist who participates often in tattoo conventions or simply traveling for business and want to possess everything you need to work in complete autonomy.
In the box, which can be used as a carrying bag being lined with protective material and equipped with a convenient handle, you'll find the led lamp, a solid articulated arm and a clamp to attach the Travel Light on any basis. Obviously being designed for the artist always on the go, they could not miss the alimentarore equipped with 3 interchangeable plugs needed for use in different countries.
It is really simple: once mounted the Travel Light and secured through the proper support, simply connect the power cord and press the button next to the lamp. By means of a pressure more or less prolonged of the power button, it will be possible to adjust the intensity of light.

HOW TO - from FullFrames on Vimeo.